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Alpha Jackets -- The Real Deal

See for yourself on how Alpha Industries has created authentic flight jackets, rugged field coats and innovative outerwear for the past 50 years.

Alpha Flight Jackets & Coats

Alpha humbly began over 50 years ago by manufacturing superior flight jackets and military grade field coats for the U.S. Department of Defense.  Alpha is proud to have protected our military servicemen and women over the decades since then and we’re thrilled to still be producing our iconic military outerwear the same as before.   We still manufacture our classic flight jackets, such as the MA-1, CWU 45/P, B-15 and B-3 using many of the original specifications. Our rugged NYCO M-65 field coat remains highly respected by hunters and outdoorsman for it’s incredible durability.

Additionally, as we’ve grown, Alpha has introduced many new styles into the civilian market. Today, Alpha proudly offers a complete line of fashion apparel that pays proper homage to our military heritage, yet keeps you looking better than ever with classic lines and contemporary styles.