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Core Outerwear Collection

  • M-65 Field Coat

    Made of 50% cotton and 50% nylon blend for water repelling properties and durability

    Sold separately, the liner is has a ripstop nylon outer shell combined with polyester interlining.

    M-65 Field Coat
    The M-65 is one of our top-sellers. It was the last revision in the field jacket family that included the M-43 and M-51 jackets. The M-65 was issued to most Army, Marine Corp and Air Force servicemen and women. Alpha started making the coat in 1965 and went on to make it for the military for the next 25 years. Today we make this vintage field coat in a variety of colors including a Woodland Camo. The M-65 liner can be added to give the coat extra warmth.
  • MA-1 Flight Jacket

    The MA-1 is made of our signature flight nylon and comes in more than seven colors.

    Alpha's signature utility/pencil pocket includes pen caps just like pilots had along with our "Remove Before Flight" key chain.

    MA-1 Flight Jacket
    The mid-weight MA-1 flight jacket is one of the jackets for which Alpha is most known. It replaced the B-15 flight jacket and was issued to U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots and ground crews. Alpha started making them in 1963 for the government and started selling them commercially in 1970. The flight nylon jacket has the signature Emergency Orange lining and is available in multiple colors.
  • MA-1 Womens

    Alpha's signature utility/pencil pocket includes pen caps just like pilots had along with our "Remove Before Flight" key chain.

    MA-1 W Flight Jacket
    The MA-1 flight jacket has grown to be a popular style among military-inspired fashion fans. Women were asking for a version with a fit just for them so Alpha introduced the MA-1 W to meet this need.
  • N-3B Parka

    The parka has a nylon shell with polyester lining.

    Snorkel hood with faux fur-lined/trimmed hood

    N-3B Parka
    The Air Force N-3B parka was one of the first contracts Alpha received from the U.S. Department of Defense. We went on to make a civilian version of this heavyweight parka that has the same superior protection from the elements. The nylon shell and poly lining, along with the storm flap and knit cuffs stand up to the sub-freezing temps.
  • Slim-Fit N-3B Parka

    The parka has a flight nylon outer shell with nylon lining and polyfill.

    Slim-Fit N-3B Parka
    Our N-3B parka was so popular that it seemed like the perfect candidate for an updated fit. So in 2010 we combined the traditional features of the military parka and the slimmer cut of Alpha’s modern fit to create the Slim Fit N-3B. It has gone on to be our best-seller worldwide.
  • N-2B Parka

    The zip-down hood is trimmed with synthetic mouton fur.

    The parka has a nylon water-resistant shell with polyester lining.

    N-2B Parka
    In 1963 Alpha started making the N-2B parka for the U.S. armed forces. Today we make the same short-waist parka for the commercial market that maintains the features from the military version including the zip-down hood that lays flat when not in use and the unique 'pass through' pockets that pilots used to have the ability to reach into their pants pockets without subjecting their hands to sub-freezing temps.
  • B-15 Flight Jackets

    The oxygen tab was used by pilots to hold their mask in place.

    The headset tab was used to keep the wires secure.

    The synthetic mouton fur collar is removable.

    B-15 Flight Jacket
    The B-15 is a classic flight jacket that was issued to pilots in the Air Force and Navy before the MA-1 flight jacket was developed. Alpha still produces this military bomber with some of the details that made the B-15 unique.
  • Fall-Winter 2014 Collection

    The high-angle front pockets are based on the mil-spec requirement.

    The Alpha Velcro patch is removable and can be replaced with your own patch.

    CWU 45/P Flight Jacket
    Alpha started making this nylon CWU 45/P for the fashion market in the late 1980s after the jacket gained popularity in the movie 'Top Gun.' The jacket has a water repellent outer shell, paired with two layered quilted nylon/polyester interlinings.
  • CWU 45/P NOMEX Flight Jacket

    The tonal Velcro patch allows you to add your own patch.

    The shell is made from the fire-resistant NOMEX.

    CWU 45/P NOMEX Flight Jacket
    In 1980 Alpha started to produce the CWU 36/P NOMEX jacket for the DOD and later went on to make the heavier 45/P NOMEX. These jackets took advantage of the DuPont NOMEX fabric whose fire-resistant properties made it an ideal fabric for protecting air crews from cockpit fires. Today these mil-spec jackets are made here in the US and are issued to U.S. Air Force pilots.
  • A-2 Leather Jacket

    The collar snaps down to stay in place.

    A-2 Leather Jacket
    Our version of the legendary Air Force and Army Air Corps pilot leather bomber. The A-2 has premium goatskin leather, top and side entry pockets and knit waistband and cuffs.
  • G-1 Leather Jacket

    The bomber is made from premium goatskin leather.

    The genuine mouton fur collar is soft and provides additional warmth.

    G-1 Leather Jacket
    This legendary pilot jacket is a WWII-era jacket that was issued to U.S. Navy, Marine and Coast Guard servicemen. Made from premium goatskin leather the bomber has a bi-swing back for additional movement and knit waistband and cuffs.
  • Fall-Winter 2014 Collection

    The heavy wool-blend shell provides lots of warmth.

    USN Pea Coat
    The U.S. Navy Pea Coat style was adopted from the British Royal Navy sometime during the post-Civil War period. The overall style of the coat has been used by various navies for hundreds of years. Our version has the classic 10-buttons and is made of a heavy wool blend.
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