Spring 2013 Collection

  • Victory II Shirt

    The shirt comes in three different color plaids.

    The long sleeves can be rolled and buttoned up.

    Victory II Shirt
    This rugged shirt has a plaid pattern with details including an embroidered pocket logo and stencil screen print on the back.
  • Confidence T-Shirt

    Cotton t-shirt with soft collar

    Confidence T-Shirt
    The lightweight, crew neck, graphic tee is perfect for the warm weather.
  • Tenure Hoodie and Sherman Tank Tee

    A jersey knit cotton hoodie

    A jersey cotton t-shirt

    Tenure Hoodie & M4A2 Sherman Tee
    Named for the American tanker and Union general, the M4A2 Sherman VC Firefly tee and the Tenure hoodie make a great layered look for those spring days.
  • Safety Manual T-Shirt and Jungle Shirt
    Outfit in Alpha
    Wear Alpha from head to toe with the Jungle shirt, Safety Manuel tee and Tracker pant. The Jungle shirt is a vintage-military looking short-sleeved shirt with patches and pockets. The tee features the U.S. military ordinance safety manual. The camo Tracker pant has seven pockets with heavy clamps and a tie strap for keeping snug around boots.
  • Victory II
    Victory II Shirt
    The Victory II shirt looks great layered over our graphic tees.
  • McArthur Field Coat

    The camo elbow patches and the camo-lined hood add to the look.

    McArthur Field Coat
    This lightweight field coat has a removable hood and a cotton garment wash to give it that worn look.
  • Dynamic Utility Jacket

    The large map pockets and oxygen tab bring in flight jacket features.

    The bold stripe on the knit waistband adds to the modern look.

    Dynamic Utility Jacket
    This lightweight jacket mixes a sporty look with an aviation silhouette and features.
  • Decade Shorts

    A plaid short that comes in two different colors.

    Decade Shorts
    These plaid cargo shorts have six pockets for transporting your gear.
  • Rival Vest
    Rival Vest
    The vest has epaulets, four pockets and two removable patch locations.
  • Blood Chit Tee

    The Blood Chit had the U.S. Flag and messages in different languages offering a reward for the safe return of the airman.

    Blood Chit Tee
    This tee features the Korean blood chit that was used by downed U.S. airmen to aid in their safe return. It is the same design seen on the inside of the MA-1 Blood Chit.
  • The Jungle Shirt
    Jungle Shirt
    This shirt has nice details including patches on both sleeves like this duty and courage embroidered one.
  • The Slavin Jacket

    The shoulder epaulets add to the unique look.

    The nylon ripstop outer shell gives it extra durability.

    Slavin Utility Jacket
    The Slavin is a simple lightweight jacket with shoulder epaulets and pockets. It is perfect when you need something to throw over your tee.
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